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Mayfly laboratory is a custom laboratory that specializes in the identification and migration of ppb and ppt levels of organic compounds present in a variety of products, municipal and industrial settings. Mayfly Lab routinely advises clients on sampling techniques that can be used in the identification of organoleptically active substances that result in off-odors or tastes.  Read more about Mayfly Lab 

Mayfly staff has over 30 years of field and laboratory experience supporting odor investigations and studies for consultants and industry. Give us a call to discuss your project. No charge for standard proposals.

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Mayfly Laboratory characterizes each sample fully with an evaluation of all the peaks detected. In addition, the analysis includes a search through our custom odor compound library. For those clients who are used to the reporting of EPA compounds, a TO15 list is included. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (860) 536-7431.


Mayfly staff has over 30 years of field and laboratory experience supporting indoor odor investigations for consultants and industry. We believe that we learn about the environment from each set of samples. We would like an opportunity to learn with you also. Contact Us for More Information


The full characterization of emissions is strategic to the identification of odorous compounds or the determination of scrubber efficiency. Often the determination of compounds at or near their odor threshold is required. Mayfly Odor Laboratory has developed specific analytical methodologies that allow for many of the normal odor compounds to be detected in the parts per trillion (ppt) range where they start to contribute to odor complaints. Contact us for additional details at (860) 536-7431


The presence of cannabis aroma is one of the most recognized odors in today's environment. Its odor is used for probable cause investigations by police and other agencies. Canines have been specifically trained to detect its odor and are routinely used to reliably supplement the human nose in the detection of the presence of cannabis odor. The plant has been around for centuries but... Read More Here.